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Come Through Autumn Fit And Healthy

Come through autumn fit and healthy

Unfortunately, autumn does not always show its beautiful side – the days get shorter and it is often dark, gray, and wet. In autumn, cold viruses are in high season and the number of flu patients also rises steadily – not least because our immune systems are out of practice due to wearing masks. Coronavirus […]
Healthy Intestines – Fit In Autumn

Healthy intestines – fit in autumn

Autumn is here and with it the cold and flu viruses.It is all the more important to have a strong immune system, which is supported by healthy intestines and proper nutrition. Countless bacteria, viruses, and fungi pass through the digestive tract every day. The intestinal flora protects the body from these invaders. However, it can […]
Winter Recipe – Polenta With Sautéed Fennel

Winter recipe – polenta with sautéed fennel

Winter is just around the corner … We would like to make sure that you have a few winter recipes at hand to accompany you through this season. Fennel, black salsify and eggplant are the vegetables we have chosen for you for appetizing winter dishes. We will start with a delicious polenta with sautéed fennel. […]

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